ATLANTA,GA — The Young Democrats of Georgia officially endorse James Woodall, candidate for Georgia House District 160.  If James is elected, he will become the youngest state representative in Georgia’s history at 22 years old. For Young Democrats across Georgia, this is an exciting prospect. James represents the unique perspective we, as millennials, have on politics. Come November 8th, it is our hope that the Georgia State Legislature better represents the needs of all constituents of the state including millennials.

President Sarah Beeson is thrilled to support James Woodall because he is a valuable asset not only to residents of House District 160, but to all Georgians. “James Major Woodall has proven himself to be a significant asset in Georgia. Despite his young age, Mr. Woodall has an incredible work ethic and attentive ear toward constituents needs. As an organization, we are thrilled to support a strong, dedicated candidate in James Major Woodall for public office,” Beeson said.

As a state representative, Mr. Woodall is prepared to fight alongside the Young Democrats of Georgia to preserve and expand the HOPE scholarship, make public colleges in Georgia affordable and keep guns off of Georgia college campuses. In a press release issued by the campaign on Saturday, Woodall said “There is nothing as inspiring as an engaged and empowered youth, who’s committed toward progress and service. The Young Democrats of Georgia and it’s leadership represent just that, and I am excited to receive their endorsement. I look forward to continuing the legacy and the work of this great organization.”

For information on how to get involved with the James “Major” Woodall campaign, please feel visit or contact KeShawn Harris, campaign manager at