Ben Amis

As your YDG Political Director, I’m excited to announce this monthly fixture to the YDG newsletter! I and our awesome Activism Director, Andrea Manning, will be taking up this space each month to share information with YDs across the state about important people, issues, and activities to keep you all up-to-date with all the goings-on of the political and activist work of YDG.

We’ll use this space to talk to you about our legislative agenda during session at the General Assembly, our work with partner activist groups, promote YD electeds and candidates work in local government, and more! The most important aspect of this fixture will be YOU, the readers. We can’t be everywhere and know everything, and I’m inviting each and every one of you to reach out to us and let us know what’s going on in your communities so we can find out how YDG can help and spread the word. We’re officially “on” for the fall campaign season this year
as hundreds of local elections for city councils and school boards are underway, and change starts at home. Tell us about the issues important to your YD chapters during the campaign season, who you’re supporting and how we can help. We’ll feature chapters and candidates who are doing good work and be a megaphone to draw attention and get people excited about
what you care about.

And then, this next year will be a big year in Georgia politics. An election year for the state legislature will mean a lot of activities under the Gold Dome. We’ll be talking legislation and ways to be involved through targeted outreach to state officials, YD lobby days, advocacy partnerships with like-minded organizations and more. Then next fall we’ll have a huge push to flip the state house, the Georgia 7th and TWO Senate seats all while working to retain the 6th Congressional District and support candidates for offices across the state through phonebanking, postcard writing, door knocking, fundraising, etc.

Georgia Democrats have a long list of goals, and we’re excited to make sure YDG is a huge part of making them reality. Reach out to us, keep us in the know, help us build our organization and be part of the change. Watch this space!