YDG Candidate Declarations

**In accordance with the Young Democrats of Georgia Bylaws, declarations for candidates closed at 6pm on Friday, March 17th — exactly 14 days from the commencement of the 2017 Convention. Any candidates who wish to qualify moving forward will need to do so from the floor of General Session with a majority vote for approval.


Declared Candidates

Luke Boggs
Joe Traina
Andrew R. Niquette

Executive Vice President
Randy Goss
Michelle Sanchez Jones

Vice President of Finance
Jennifer Young
Brian Seo

Vice President of Programs
Elizabeth Kringer

Vice President of Membership
Gabriel Shippy

Maria Eliot
Danielle Lilly

Ivory Watts
Sharece Naomi Thomas

National Committeeman
Mathew Plott
Bridgemon Bolger

National Commiteewoman
Deja Frederick

College Democrats of Georgia Chair (President)
Tamelonie Thomas

High School Democrats of Georgia Chair (President)
Lewis Polay
Patrick Chappel


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