In recent years evidence of a shift from Georgia’s status as a deep-red state to a more purple state has been unavoidable. Bipartisan outrage over prejudicial bills, resurgence of Democratic interest, and polling in Georgia indicating that the state may serve as a battleground in the 2016 presidential election have given Democrats a renewed sense of hope.

While attention is mostly drawn toward national and high-profile elections, the strength of the state’s political parties relies largely on grassroots efforts and the mobilization of local electors. Making up 10.1% of the state’s population, voters between the ages of 18-24 make up over approximately 10.3% of active voters in the state, a near-equivalence that is undoubtedly worthy of praise. With such a powerful influence, this demographic can literally make or break Democratic victories, but has Georgia’s Republican majority discouraged this young demographic from active participation? Possibly. Being blue in a red state can feel like being the sole up-stander in a mass of chaos, but the tides are turning and Democrats have a strong chance at chipping away the Republican stronghold.

Whether or not Georgia turns blue in November, the State House could potentially turn from a Republican majority to supermajority, ultimately silencing the crucial voice of those on the left in the House and isolating our party. We must prevent Republicans from wreaking further havoc upon our state. Our future and the future of those in the next generation deserve an open, equal, and accepting state with leaders who represent the good-will of the people. With less than a month until voter registration closes, the time to act has come.

Do not wait until October 11 to register, visit to project your voice and ensure Georgia has a strong, Democratic future.


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